Letters to the Editor

Paige letter: USPS

The U.S. Postal Service already provides many valuable services to the communities it serves in America provided by the Constitution.

Services such as six, and in some areas, seven days a week delivery, the Annual Letter Carriers Food Drive every second Saturday in May, employing 113,000 military veterans, delivering the mail safely in almost any kind of weather, service to all Americans, regardless of geography at the same price, and affordable prices, just to name a few.

A national USPS vote-by-mail service and postal banking system to provide more convenient services to the customers would greatly help. It is essential to keep the USPS off of the Federal Budget so that it will continue to operate without tax dollars.

In National Emergencies, the Postal Service would greatly contribute during a major disaster or terrorist attack when power and phone lines are useless. The USPS can move quickly to reestablish communications, to reopen lines of commerce and to deliver government information, relief checks and medicine to those in need.

A Gallup survey released in January found that the Postal Service remains the public’s favorite federal agency, with a 74 percent positive rating.

John Paige, President, Idaho State Association for Letter Carriers, Pocatello