Letters to the Editor

Nelson letter: Article V

Regarding Article V - Convention of States to Propose Amendments to the Constitution, there are numerous and severe problems with the current actions of our federal government. The founders recognized that there may come a time that the states would need to intervene in order to restore the federal government to its enumerated powers and stop reckless spending.

Since the Congress will not correct itself the states have a distinct obligation to intervene. Most people do not understand or do not want to learn about the process: Article V provides for a Convention of States to Propose Amendments to the Constitution as well as Congress proposing amendments. That is, there are two processes to propose the amendments.

A “runaway” convention is in fact impossible. The state legislatures control the agenda and the process. The ratification process is the same for each process. Three fourths of the state legislatures must vote to ratify the proposed amendment(s) in order for an amendment to take effect. We currently live in a post constitutional republic. The scope of the federal government’s involvement in every facet of our lives is far beyond what the framers and the states envisioned.

Save our constitution. Support Article V.

Carl O. Nelson, Garden City