Letters to the Editor

Minshew letter: Raul Labrador

I believe life is sacred and is worth fighting for. I also believe that we need a governor with a proven record of standing up and defending life. That’s why I support Raúl Labrador for governor.

Raúl has earned a 100 percent rating from the National Right to Life Committee, and has been supported by Idaho pro-life groups like Idaho Chooses Life and Idaho Right to Life. And while representing us in Congress, Raúl has had a perfect record of supporting legislation strengthening life. For example, he proudly co-sponsored the Pain Capable Unborn Child Act, which bans abortions after 20 weeks. He’s also consistently opposed public funding being given to pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood.

If you too believe that life matters, you should join me in voting for Raúl Labrador for governor. We can count on him to protect the pre-born and ensure women have access to life affirming health clinics.

Barbara Minshew, Meridian