Letters to the Editor

Landers letter: Fix our nation

I believe despite all the negativity that we can fix our nation’s woes by working together and creating opportunity whether old or young because they have so much to offer and because you’re old or young it should not keep you from working. Our nation is made up of great people from all walks of life and that is our strength because we can learn through others rather than give up as some do. We can take food from events or restaurants and give to the shelters rather than waste it and feed the hungry and with the homeless we can develop programs to teach skills so they can work but most of all if we are united we can make dreams come true. Division has never worked because it creates problems and we need solutions to make our nation stronger not weaker and we find strength in numbers and listening to the needs of the people. We can make education strong by educating people to not be so close minded but open to new ideas and most of all we can fix our cities by promoting opportunity and education and it works.

John Landers, Wilder