Letters to the Editor

King letter: National security

Funding the State Department and the international affairs budget is crucial for our national security. Yet, it only has about 1 percent of our overall budget, and the Trump Administration has released a plan to cut that down even further. The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition says this would cut funding to levels not seen since 9/11. This move makes America vulnerable. We can prevent conflict before it even happens, but you don’t have to take my word for it:

“Development is a lot cheaper than sending soldiers.” Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense.

“If you don’t fully fund the state department, then I’ll have to buy more ammunition.” Defense Secretary James Mattis.

“U.S. assistance is essential to express and achieve our national goals in the international community — a world order of peace and justice.” President Richard Nixon.

“Defense, diplomacy, and development are equal legs of a stool of American foreign policy.” President George Bush.

Consider these powerful words from powerful people and contact your congressmen today.

Grace King, Boise