Letters to the Editor

Barrett-Vann letter: School shooting

Another school mass shooting has ripped through a Florida high school and 17 students and their families will never be the same. The remaining students and families say “We have had enough” and are protesting that the Republicans make changes now to stop these shootings. I salute these young people and their families for protesting to get the Republicans to change the gun laws in order to protect all of us. So Idaho Republicans — what are you going to do to stop these killings of our children or do you think it is more important to have the NRA make donations for your re-election? We need to stop weapons of war being sold to anyone off the street and make background checks tougher and more comprehensive. The Republicans need to make sure that funding for mental health services and treatment centers is available for people that need it, anytime they need it. A person in crisis cannot wait for help while our Idaho elected officials cut funding (wolves and sage grouse more important?).

Elected officials need to change gun laws now. People should not be dying because NRA campaign donations are more important for your win. Elections are in November.

Linda Barrett-Vann, Nampa