Letters to the Editor

Taylor letter: Guns

Congratulations on the presenting of open minded opinions by Ms. Dutton and Mr. Douthat on the subject of the “gun” in the Feb. 21 edition. The third such offering in as many months has led me to start thinking of renewing my subscription for another year? “Group Think” (Tucker Carlson) is a very tiresome, counterproductive and destructive fad/preoccupation sweeping America. If we are to effectively deal with the current “hot” subject of the “gun” problem, we need to put more diversity into so called “discussions.” First off and to quote a friend, “America does not have a gun problem, America has a violence problem.” Hollywood, purveyor of “Junk information” and the producers of violent video games directed at addicted young minds in conjunction with a failing society, have created this “Killing field.” The fear of all things gun has added to this mental mayhem, and can be counteracted with much better journalistic reporting/education. I had a lifelong fear of snakes until I paid a snake handler to allow me to spend four hours in a snake pit with over 200 dangerous snakes. Fear snakes now? No. Respect snakes? Yes.

Robert A. Taylor, Boise