Letters to the Editor

Knight letter: School shootings

Several topics running through my mind.

Two young students holding hands, lying in a puddle of blood. Dead.

Question: Assault rifles legally sold in our state and most of our country. Is it worth what they are being used for? Hunters, you can use them for hunting? Do you mow down a herd of elk or a flock of geese? Why would you fight to keep these guns? They would mutilate a target. What’s on your mind when you buy one?

Republicans turn their head and walk away (your president did) when you’re asked if the laws will be changed.

Our FBI missed information sent to them about the shooter in Florida because of all the chaos of never knowing who would be there or who was next to be fired.

Democrats are for the people. They don’t try to ruin our democracy. Why build that stupid wall between us and Mexico? Look how that turned out for Germany. All he is doing is wasting our money.

When we vote next, think. Do we want the person that talks trash to make people think he’s cool or do we look at our children and vote better for them? Someone they can learn about respect from.

Judy Knight, Boise