Letters to the Editor

Bothwell letter: School shootings

The recent mass shooting in Florida is horrific, and let’s hope our lawmakers have the courage to change some gun laws to protect our citizens from gun violence. But let’s not forget the thousands of gun deaths which occur every day, one at a time, in our country from suicides, violence, negligence, intentional harm by a shooter and accidents. When my son was in elementary school, one of his friends accidentally shot another friend. The gun was locked in a case but the boy found the key and was showing the gun to his friend when it discharged, shooting him in the head and instantly killing him. It still frightens me to think it could have been my own son who was there that day. Along with all the students who died in Florida, please remember all the other innocent lives lost due to negligence, suicide, violence, and intentional harm done by people with guns. It is a national travesty. Idaho has 14.1 gun deaths per 100,000 population. Look up the statistics. They are frightening.

Glida Bothwell, Eagle