Letters to the Editor

Allen letter: School shootings

I am a freshman at North Junior High School. I skipped school today, Feb. 20, along with over 50 percent of the student body, in response to a violent threat to North and on the heals of the shooting in Florida. The government is allowing guns to be put in the hands of dangerous people. These people are often those who have been bullied to the point of hate and are seeking a way to make others feel their pain. We are missing out on an education because of the fear that is sparked from the lack of gun control and outrageous numbers of bullies and victims. This problem is plaguing us nationally and now in our own community. There is something terribly wrong when kids can’t even feel safe going to school. The youth of this country depends on our leaders to make us feel safe. We need to put an end to bullying and a beginning to gun control.

#SOS — Save Our Students, Save Our Schools, Save Our Society.

Lily Allen, Boise