Letters to the Editor

Walker letter: School shootings

For many years, the gun shop on Ustick had a sign stating “It’s not gun control, it’s son control.”

In light of the tragic events that have brought unbelievable grief to our nation, I have this to say. As a mother of 40 years and a grandmother, there is no such thing as “son control.” How much easier my life would have been if every word of caution and direction was heeded by the children in my life.

Before mass shootings were even a discussion, a co-worker told me her father took her brothers to gun safety classes and promised severe punishments if the household gun rules were disobeyed. Yet, she knew each of her brothers opened the locked gun case and showed off the family hunting rifles when the parents weren’t home. Son control?

On the first day of hunting, my brother took the rifle from the broom closet, aimed it down the street, fired. It had been loaded in the house since the last season.

My military time taught me that military-type weapons were for one thing only — ending human lives.

Send your prayers, contribute to the funeral expenses and then get Congress to stop the sale of automatic weapons.

Mary Walker, Boise