Letters to the Editor

Havlina letter: Donald Trump

I am no Trump fan but, given the structure of our archaic Constitution, the embarrassing fact is that he is the legitimate president of the United States. Commentaries like that in the NY Times by Frank Bruni simply preach to the choir of Trump haters and offend those who believe in him. And despite his poor poll numbers, there are justifiably a great many. The Democrats offered up their heir apparent and the voters rejected her. What I’m getting at is that the poor American public is caught in the crossfire of a propaganda war. The leaders on the left want to impeach Trump, while those on the right, albeit reluctantly, support him. In the meantime, our very expensive government preens and pontificates and accomplishes very little. I wish the news media would return to presenting facts, exposing lies and turn up the heat on Congress to stop their political shenanigans and conduct the nation’s business. Let Robert Mueller pursue his investigation and, if Trump turns out to be a closet Kremlin puppet, throw him out. If not, just let him swagger around the Oval Office and do his job.

Jack Havlina, Boise