Letters to the Editor

Stevens letter: “Other named tax” raise

A tax raise, by any other name, is still a tax raise.

Notice anything strange about your 2018 homeowners’ tax bill? Look closely at the dollar figure for “Homeowners’ Exemption.” Seem low to you? (Lowering the exemption means higher taxes … period.)

A few years ago, the exemption was capped at $189,400, Now, it’s capped at $100,000 — meaning higher taxes for homeowners.

How did this happen? In 2016 our Republican (Keep Taxes Low, right?) Legislature decided to lower the exemption from approximately $185,000 to $100,000. And I doubt that they tried very hard to inform their constituents what they were doing as your “loyal lawmakers.” Then they postponed implementation of the “other named tax” until 2018 — that gives voters plenty of time to forget, right?

I don’t know names of all lawmakers who voted for this increased “other named tax,” but these names and districts were published in the Statesman in spring 2016:

Mike Moyle (Star), Heather Scott (Blanchard), Don Cheatham (Post Falls), Ron Mendive (Coeur d’Alene), Vito Barbieri (Dalton Gardens), Brent Crane (Nampa), Tom Loertscher (Iona), Pete Nielsen (Mountain Home) and Janet Trujillo (Idaho Falls).

2018 is an election year. Perhaps you might want to discuss this issue with your “loyal lawmakers.”

Jack Stevens, Boise