Letters to the Editor

Phipps letter: F-35s

I live off Cole between Victory and Amity less than one mile south of the flight path of the Boise airport. Google says Star is 22 miles away. In Phoenix I live 22 miles to the east of Luke Air Force Base. If I step outside in Phoenix I can hear the 101 freeway but not when I’m inside. But inside in Phoenix I can hear the F-35s flying at Luke Air Force Base. I only mention this because I read that Boise is still an option for the F-35s if other options are eliminated. I can still hear them, must be 20/30 minutes. But in Boise it’s only supposed to be a few flights. Yeah sure. Listening to this I cannot believe there will be anyone in Boise outside that won’t know when the planes are flying.

Wes Phipps, Boise