Letters to the Editor

Liekis letter: School shootings

The time for reasonable restrictions on gun ownership is overdue. We’ve already endured far too many mass shootings of Americans, including children who barely started their first year of school. How many more of these tragedies must happen before our representatives in Washington do something?

Our constitutional rights are not unlimited. The First Amendment right to free speech doesn’t mean you can slander someone or yell “fire” in a theater. The need for order and safety dictates that restrictions be implemented for public protection. The same is true for guns. The most critical proposals require special attention and immediate action (with appropriate exceptions for active-duty military and law enforcement):

▪  Complete ban on military-style assault weapons.

▪  10-round limit on magazine clips and cartridges.

▪  Mandatory background checks on both public and private gun sales.

▪  Complete ban on armor-piercing bullets.

▪  Aid and funding for schools to develop emergency response plans.

▪  Expanded funding for mental health programs.

Continuing down the current path to more tragic executions in our schools can’t be tolerated. Reducing gun violence can be accomplished without jeopardizing the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment. As a Marine Corps veteran of the Afghan War, I still support these practical measures, will you?

Robb Liekis, Boise