Letters to the Editor

Finnell letter: School shootings

Gun violence, this is no time to talk about that.

Dear sort-of elected officials:

You know the drill. Have a moment of silence and lower the flag.

You have stood strong before, you can do it again.

You’ll hear things like 90 percent of the public supports universal background checks.

Hunters don’t need or want military weapons.

The police are in danger because they are outgunned.

There have been how many school shootings this year, but hey, it’s already Feb. 15.

There have been 273 school shootings since Sandy Hook, but you know what to say.

Some people like to target practice with automatic weapons.

Surely their rights trump the safety of kids and everyone else.

We have your back with unlimited, undisclosed money, and keep in mind, elections are coming up soon.

Musings from the gun lobby as imagined by a heartbroken and disillusioned citizen.

Daralene Finnell, Hailey