Letters to the Editor

Donnay letter: School shootings

It’s time for a massive boycott of public schools. It is now apparent that Congress, the executive branch and the judicial branch of our federal government have no interest in solving the problem of school shootings.

When black people in the South could not appeal to the government to protect their rights under the Constitution, they organized a massive boycott of buses in the South. A year later, work started in Congress to solve the problem and the civil rights legislation was soon passed.

Students and their parents must realize that they will always be in harm’s way until they take the initiative to put an end to this madness. How? By organizing a nationwide boycott of public schools until Congress passes meaningful gun laws to make schools safe again.

This movement must be created and organized only by the students and their parents, not teachers or school administration. If teachers get involved, they will be fired. Parents and students cannot be fired.

They can require that the schools offer their classes online so they can continue their education until the schools prove that they can protect the students from gun violence while in the classroom.

Roger Donnay, Boise