Letters to the Editor

Daley letter: School shootings

The sickening slaughter of our schoolchildren by deranged people who use their “Second Amendment right” to purchase their weapons of mass murder has got to stop. What can we as individuals possibly do to make a difference? I will make a suggestion of one action we can all do. It requires no personal sacrifice, no inconvenience and no reason not to at least give it a try. For this upcoming election, if you are planning to vote, please consider not voting for any candidate (for any office) who accepts campaign contributions from the NRA. If your candidate supports “gun rights” but does not accept contributions from the NRA, fair enough. Support them if that is your choice. I believe freeing elections of NRA influence will lead to more reasonable and sensible gun laws. Please consider this for the 2018 elections – for the sake of our schoolchildren.

Dave Daley, Boise