Letters to the Editor

Beattie letter: School shootings

I’m terribly saddened by the deaths of those schoolchildren, for a parent to lose their child in any way is heartbreaking. I didn’t shoot your children, I didn’t shoot any child or person, neither did my guns. I won’t go into a child’s life is more important than my gun rights, the two just do not coexist. My gun rights stand by the simple fact that the world is filled with people who want to cause pain and loss and wish to take away by force what is mine. I have a right to defend myself, history is filled with criminals using guns to just take, if I could have a wish, it would be that not another person would die by criminal means. But it’s our human nature to sin and take advantage, so the ability to defend yourself is a God-given right that should not be limited to just our fists or club, in old age those fists get weaker, so we need an equalizer to make the bad guys equal to us regardless of the age. and that is guns. Do not limit my right to live in peace, by my ability to defend.

Barry Beattie, Nampa