Letters to the Editor

Pimentel letter: School shootings

Today headlines have caused us to prepare for the unthinkable. If a child at school was threatened by someone with a gun, who among us would step in front of the child willing to take a bullet to save the child?

The parents? Without a doubt. Grandparents? Most likely. Would I do it? Would you? Theoretically. There is one group of people for whom this is not theory, not a hypothetical exercise.

Consider our children’s teachers, bus drivers, school staff and day-care workers. Too often these professionals who we have entrusted our children to have protected, shielded and sometimes have been killed sacrificing themselves to save those we love. The ones who have done this are of course heroes. Let us take a moment to remember that those who are willing to do this, but thankfully have not yet been called to act, are heroes as well.

Let us take a moment to thank them in person as soon as we can.

While we still can.

Richard Pimentel, Nampa