Letters to the Editor

Kaufman letter: School shootings

The Florida students of the horrific mass shooting were so blessed to have BSU’s Mike Virden’s friend, Aaron Feis, give his life as a human shield. Had the Idaho congressional delegation and/or Governor Otter been in that situation, I wonder if they would have been diving for cover.

Otter said, “I think we’ve done what we can do” in response to school safety. The NRA (Not Rational Anymore or No Remorse for Anyone) most certainly feels the same as Otter. The Idaho congress“men” would not sway public policy due to NRA stances or the NRA donations they receive, would they?

Coach Steve Kerr, whose father was gunned down in 1984, said, “Well, nothing has been done. It doesn’t matter to our government that children are being shot ....”

Will parents now say, “I love you. If the shootings are around you it may be better to play dead. ... I hope to see you after school.”

Who will get your vote?

Rich Kaufman, Boise