Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Broken politics

Only in America do we anxiously await return of the same old political actors to Washington for repeat performances of “The most dysfunctional show on earth.”

When will Americans finally realize it’s time to search for new actors who are motivated and talented enough to create a new show that can be enjoyed by citizens at every level of our deeply ingrained economic and color caste system?

We constantly complain about underperforming political actors but repeatedly return them to stage. Our broken political system allows them little time to perfect leadership skills as much of their time is spent searching for financial bribes to fund expensive re-election campaigns.

This calls for a major overhaul of America’s failing electoral system. For the first time in history, a fringe candidate won the presidency by using centuries-old Trojan horse tactics to capture control of a major political party. Immediate steps must be taken in the midterm elections to remove this blot on our nation’s history. Voters of every political persuasion should vow to never again allow an unqualified, unethical candidate with no core beliefs beyond self-promotion and self-enrichment to claim the presidency with 3 million fewer votes than his opponent.

Sandy Jones, Boise