Letters to the Editor

Finley letter: Solar power

It is truly disappointing that the new homes being built across the valley are not using solar as a standard feature or even offering it as a listed upgrade to choose from. If all the homes being built in this valley had at least some solar power usage to help offset the energy drag on the whole system, perhaps the dams could be dismantled or modified for salmon rehabilitation. The solar potential in this valley is real. Homes built with solar power are going to hold their value at a much greater rate, and I do believe homebuyers would be far more interested investing in their homes this way. Most new homes offer more square footage, and with this added square footage comes higher taxes, also in subdivision HOAs. Along with these larger homes come an energy bill increase, and I’m sure it’s a big one. I personally wouldn’t want to spend so much on increased monthly expenditures if I could eliminate some.

Sasha Finley, Boise