Letters to the Editor

McCardell letter: Raul Labrador

I write to thank Congressman Raul Labrador for clearing up a mistake that caused me a lot of grief. I’m 66 and have hunted all my life. But in recent years I’ve gone hunting worried about whether I might lose my firearms.

About six years ago, I got a letter from the FBI telling me I was ineligible to own guns because of a felony four decades before. I was charged with selling drugs. But I completed probation and the judge issued a withheld judgment, meaning I’d never been convicted.

I was young and dumb when I sold those drugs, an experience I share with the Boy Scouts I’ve led for 40 years. I learned my lesson, turned my life around and married a wonderful woman. When my dad died, I inherited his guns. They mean a lot.

It took me several years to collect the records and send them to the FBI. Unfortunately, I never got through the bureaucracy. Finally, I called Congressman Labrador. Three weeks later, I had a letter from the FBI affirming I was eligible to own firearms.

Mr. Labrador went to bat for me. If you need help, give him a call.

Jerry McCardell, Nampa