Letters to the Editor

Franzen letter: Weather predictions

So I am confused. The three TV stations’ weather people are giving the forecast for the Treasure Valley in Idaho? I know we get to hear all about Redfish Lake, Sun Valley, McCall and sometimes Portland. My point is whatever this computer model they claim is great does not seem to work. Recently the weather people were telling us about the 2 to 4 inches of snow we would have that Saturday, and in some places 7 inches. That weekend I saw no snow. It seems to me since they have relied on the computer so much now the weather is never right. I wish I knew back when I was young what I know now. I would become a weather person, be wrong 95 percent of the time and have a job for 20 years. With all the technology of today, I cannot grasp why the forecast cannot be a bit more accurate. I do understand weather is not exact, but in years past it was better than it is now.

Jacob Franzen, Meridian