Letters to the Editor

Christensen letter: Health care plan

In the article, “Idaho says no Obamacare needed for some new insurance plans,” we learn a great deal about Idaho’s plans to allow insurers to offer “skimpier” health care options, despite Affordable Care Act provisions and without federal approval.

Idaho officials outlined their intention to allow for insurance policies that could charge older Idahoans exorbitantly more for care, deny pre-existing conditions, slash care for children, and get rid of maternity care and coverage for newborns. Insurers would also cap their own costs at $1 million per individual and can set separate out-of-pocket maximums patients are required to pay across several different services.

This is a dangerous move for Idaho residents. When insurance companies so drastically limit the services they offer, it forces patients into dangerous situations when they cut back on their medical care. This can ultimately increase costs because patients may delay care to the point where more costly treatment is required. Consumers for Quality Care is a group of health care advocates fighting to provide a voice for consumers in the health care debate. We hope Idaho regulators will come to their senses and recognize the harm this poses for Idaho’s residents.

Dr. Donna Christensen, Consumers for Quality Care Board, Washington, D.C.