Letters to the Editor

Blinn letter: State of the Union

In Jay Ambrose’s Feb. 2 commentary, “A great speech that needed a great response,” he said President Trump’s State of the Union Address was one of the “most captivating in recent memory.” And he wondered why many Democrats in attendance looked stone-faced and indifferent to the policy ideas Trump presented.

In my opinion, these are the reasons the speech did not go over well with many Democrats: Donald Trump frequently says one thing and then says just the opposite; he says he cares for all Americans, then makes racist remarks; he says he respects women but has verbally and physically abused many of them; he sends dangerous tweets that could start a nuclear war with North Korea; he lies often, even when there is evidence proving what he said isn’t true.

Can Ambrose really expect Democrats to listen to one speech and suddenly believe Trump will act in a steady and intelligent manner when he has rarely done so in the past? If, among other things, he starts taking actions that help all Americans, not just white rich ones, stops dangerous tweets, gets his ego under control and learns how government works, over time he would gain our appreciation.

Tawny Blinn, Boise