Letters to the Editor

Graham letter: Amtrak crash

There are some issues I find quite perplexing concerning the Amtrak crash in Dupont, Wash., on Dec. 18, 2017. One report said it could take up to two years for the investigation; another report said it could take three or more years. Why? Initial reports said the train was going 80 mph on a 30 mph curve. End of investigation. ... Reports also said that several of the employees had warned their managers that they felt they were undertrained and needed more time to familiarize themselves on the route, which was from Seattle to Portland. Well, excuse me, but the route doesn’t change, and I do declare that the train must follow the tracks.

In 2016 Amtrak 89 crashed in Pennsylvania, and that crash led to the statement: We have put the pieces together and must ensure that a crash like this “must never happen again.” OK. Is Amtrak trying to destroy itself from within?

I would think a driverless train would fare better than a driverless car; the route is pretty well determined, is it not?

Well, stand by, a report is forthcoming, in about two, or maybe three, years.

Roger Graham, Meridian