Letters to the Editor

Cavazos letter: Idaho delegation

The GOP has become a cult. For us to believe it is headed in the right direction, we have to ignore science, economists, social scientists and now the Justice Department.

Is there any expert that Representative Labrador, Senators Risch and Crapo say we can trust? Even common sense is challenged by the positions of the GOP. What happened to the party of family values, honesty, and law and order? Is there no end to what they will do to protect their power? How much longer will they rely on deception and fear to get people on their side?

I am so disappointed in my congressional delegation and the Republican Party. I honestly don’t know if our country will ever recover from the damage they have caused it.

But it is not too late. The Idaho congressional delegation can still stand for something. They can still rise above the politics and start representing their state. Stand for truth, sanity, and the safety of our country. Please, we are all relying on you.

Daniel Cavazos, Boise