Letters to the Editor

Lowe letter: Democracy takeover

Thank you Bob Kustra and Jane Mayer. Your book review, interview, highly enlightening. It’s hard to accept that we collectively and childishly allowed the takeover of our democracy by a gang of 1 percenters. Now that the Koch brothers have created their ideal puppet government in their own image and the civil discourse has reached a low common denominator will there be a countrywide willingness to get the money out of politics? Don’t tell the black hat trollers and doxers that harassed you, Ms. Mayer, that the Con-servative definition of “starve the beast” is really the feared and dreaded 98 percent who once stood in their way by voting for, as much as possible, honest, just, fair employees, such as governors, representatives and senators and a president. Don’t tell them they’ve been outsmarted too because as Bill Gates has stated — technology makes us dumber. Without today’s version of technology, there is no economy except in the highly effective propaganda, media minds and the machine of Koch’s dream-walker network. The social and psychological engineers of our collective fiasco are strategists, game players, just like doxers and trolls but highly paid. Perhaps doxing and trolling is the “right of passage” up that ladder?

Dottie Lowe, Boise