Letters to the Editor

Thiele letter: Trump and Russia

Americans must know what Russians did and whether they compromised any citizens including our president. Joining Mr. Trump’s smear campaign against our FBI is tantamount to treason itself. Oversight is one thing, but undermining and discrediting is another. Devin Nunes and his cronies should be ashamed of their debacle.

Our representatives in Washington must stand up to this charade. If the House Intel committee were pursuing legitimate concerns, they would demonstrate their priority to national security by listening to FBI concerns before publishing their memo. Their efforts wreak of dishonesty and moral decadence. The Grand Old Party must do what is righteous and protect our nation from the corruption on display among some of our own and the Russians.

We must stop the Constitutional crisis Mr. Trump and his sycophants are spiraling us toward. Trump must not be allowed to get rid of any more FBI or DOJ officials. Let due process play out and the rule of law be unimpeded by abuse of power. We need all men of integrity to stand up in this hour of threat to the foundations of our democracy.

Sincerely alarmed.

Barbara Thiele, New Meadows