Letters to the Editor

Strong letter: Elect Tommy Ahlquist

I’m disappointed but not surprised by the Idaho Legislature’s recent decision to shut down legislation requiring elected officials to disclose their income.

Idaho is one of two states that do not require elected officials to divulge financial records. This enables the current political climate that exists, where career politicians exploit the system and cronyism is real.

It’s time for some change. I’m tired of business as usual in the Legislature and in Idaho politics in general. Idahoans should choose a governor who will lead Idaho with high ideals and with integrity. I’m voting for a political outsider in the 2018 election.

Tommy Ahlquist was the first candidate of the 2018 gubernatorial election to voluntarily disclose his own financial assets, setting the stage for more transparency when he is governor. Tommy has plans to require elected officials to disclose their financial records, to enact term limits for statewide elected officials and to work with the Legislature to get things done.

Adam Strong, Meridian