Letters to the Editor

Shaw letter: Elect Raul Labrador

Idaho needs to end favoritism in economic development. With urban renewal programs and special tax incentives, taxpayers are forced to subsidize business endeavors. The true losers are hard-working Idahoans who don’t reap the awards of government programs. People that have to “build it on their own.” That’s why we need to elect Raul Labrador as the next governor of Idaho. He will end urban renewal projects from being used as slush funds for politicians to award their private developer friends (wink, wink). All Idaho companies and consequently their hard-working employees deserve to be treated fairly with a level playing field, not forced to compete with competitors that get special favors from our government. Taxpayers deserve to have their hard-earned money used by a government that does not pick winners and losers. I look forward to having Raul Labrador as our next governor and his actions in curbing favoritism.

Launette Shaw, Eagle