Letters to the Editor

Manning letter: State of the Union

State of the Union — Infrastructure:

The $1.5 trillion figure proposed by President Trump sounded remarkably similar to what we have spent to build and rebuild Afghanistan. The number rekindled in my mind memory of all the arguments made over the past 50 years against squandering America’s wealth on wars rather than on maintaining and improving the assets we all hold in common as Americans and that stitch us together in what appear on maps as the United States.

Now, if the Defense Department were purely a defense department and not some subordinated way to make the assets of the world to which we could lay claim, we would have no need for a military establishment nor a multilayered security establishment with outposts all over the world to prevent the envious hordes of whatever religious persuasion from joining together to steal or to buy our common assets, those which make us Americans. But here we are, after 50 years, with a proposal to increase the military budget and sell our national assets to toll collectors to fix the things we can’t now afford to fix. When will we ever learn?

Jerry Manning, Boise