Letters to the Editor

Busdon letter: Marsy’s Law

Five years ago, my teenage daughter was raped. The trauma of that crime, the offender’s subsequent behavior, and living through the trial and sentencing phases of the case have profoundly and irrevocably changed my daughter’s life, as well as our family’s.

She is a crime victim. I, too, have been victimized by that crime.

Because of this experience, we are paying close attention to a proposed constitutional amendment called Marsy’s Law for Idaho that is designed to enhance and strengthen the rights of crime victims.

My daughter has spoken publicly about her experience in the justice system. She talks about being overlooked, left on the sidelines, lacking the chance to be heard.

Idahoans overwhelmingly voted for the Victims Rights Amendment in 1994, making the state a national leader in the victims’ rights movement. Time and my daughter’s experience have clarified for me the need to do more.

I’m supporting Marsy’s Law – written by Idaho leaders to suit the state’s unique needs – because of its promise to help victims.

I’m urging each of you to support Marsy’s Law as well, and to call state legislators and demand that they do the same during the 2018 Legislature.

Sarah Busdon, Hailey