Letters to the Editor

Bowler letter: Labrador and salmon

Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador has signed on to a bill (HR 3144) in Congress that works against restoring Idaho’s wild salmon and steelhead. The congressman has fallen into a trap supported by Columbia/Snake River utility and navigation interests that claim the fish are doing fine. The 2017 wild returns say otherwise.

HR 3144 takes us in the wrong direction. It ignores constructive ongoing efforts to improve future salmon and dam management such as spilling additional water at the Columbia/Snake dams that benefits young salmon migrating to the ocean. HR 3144 prohibits actions that restrict electricity generation (spill does), thus blocking additional spill.

The congressman says he’s for states’ rights and against wasting federal money. His bill will lock in a federal plan that has cost $16 billion of ratepayer and taxpayer money over 30 years, while failing to restore Idaho’s iconic fish. Billions more will be wasted if HR 3144 becomes law.

Idaho fishermen need to ask him some questions when he comes to us asking for our votes to be our next governor. I want to hear why exactly he signed on to this awful bill for Idaho, and see if he listens when I tell him it’s a mistake.

Bert Bowler, Boise