Letters to the Editor

Bauer letter: Higher education

Though my political views infrequently have agreed with Gov. Otter’s, they certainly do now regarding his proposed administrative reorganization of our state’s governance of higher education. The current debate over the financial benefits from more centralized administration of our universities and colleges only addresses our state’s administrative costs. It fails to consider what could be considerable savings in tuition and time to graduation for our college students. Until my retirement it was not unusual to interview prospective employees and learn of how our state’s current too-often disjunctive or asymmetric course offerings exist between our various Idaho campuses. Thus, when either technical and/or academically required inter-college or university transfers are needed, students too often encounter lost course credits. This leads to extra costs to repeat courses and time to graduate. Not only are student debts increased, but so also are delays in launching of their careers and their workforce entry. Greater administrative and academic oversight and governance could benefit not only our state government, but also our students’ pockets and careers.

Frederick W. Bauer, M.D. (retired), Boise