Letters to the Editor

Brennan letter: Immigrants

I’ve been thinking a great deal about my friends’ daughter, who came to the U.S. when she was about 2. Recently she was struggling to even graduate from high school. She clearly would not meet some strict hurdle requirements to gain citizenship. Is it OK to ship her back to Sudan where she came from just because from an economic standpoint she may not be considered an asset to the country?

What about the Trump-quoted “s---hole countries” that aren’t really viable economic partners that have human souls dying from war or starvation?

Am I supposed to support a man just because he understands how to expand the money supply and drive the stock market up?

Is this who we are as Christians and Americans? Is this who our parents raise us to be?

Didn’t Jesus Christ tell us to invite those to the wedding feast they can’t repay? Isn’t this the fundamental precept of being a Christian? I thought it was.

Erin Brennan, Boise