Letters to the Editor

Sanderson letter: E-cigarettes ads

OK, I admit it. I am a nonsmoker and I have a strong anti-smoking bias. Yes, I did smoke while in the Navy. I have a great deal of empathy for those still addicted. I want tobacco products heavily taxed to pay for treatment of the health problems they cause. In addition, I want the tobacco lawsuit money used for cessation programs and that same health care. I was happy when tobacco use advertising was banned from TV. So I was blindsided the other night when a program I wanted to watch was preceded by a commercial for some vaping juice or other. Out of curiosity I googled e-cigarettes and was amazed at the potential health concerns expressed by medical and research personnel over those products. Products? Or poisons? You decide. I made my bias clear so you know where I stand. Given the potential health risks I checked with Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and found that there are no bans on that advertising. Non-FDA regulated as well. Maybe kids don’t watch or listen to those ads. One can only hope.

Steven Sanderson, Boise