Letters to the Editor

Bridle letter: Idaho kids

The March to Protect Idaho Kids will take place Feb. 19 at 3 p.m. from Julia Davis Park to the Capitol building. The purpose of the march is to raise awareness of the important issue of medical neglect with many children in Idaho. It is currently legal to deny one’s child necessary medical care and instead choose to only pray for them or anoint them with oil. Many conditions that these children have are very manageable with medical care, such as diabetes, bronchitis, food poisoning and dehydration, just to name a few. Children have even been denied medical attention after breaking a bone. The pain and suffering endured by these children is just the start of the story because many have died or are dying. So please help raise the awareness of this important issue. protectidahokids.com, #MarchToProtectIdahoKids

Paul Bridle, Boise