Letters to the Editor

Humble letter: Idaho healthcare plan

Thanks for the Associated Press release on the misbegotten proposed Idaho healthcare insurance plan. The guidelines return Idahoans to insurance plans not serving us prior to the Affordable Healthcare Act. The Department of Insurance has already begun working with a “myriad of attorneys.” What does that tell taxpayers? State leaders are spending taxpayer money on legal fees to defend the indefensible.

If this is a political ploy for votes you are mistaken, it is another opportunity to hurt those that need healthcare the most and elect Otter’s choice as governor. It is a manipulation of political office and designed to avoid having to deal with the public referendum to expand Medicaid in November. Lack of Medicaid expansion has already cost Idahoans millions. The proposed health plan has nothing to do with making insurance useable and affordable for all Idahoans. The facts in the press release spelled it out.

Once again, Idaho will be first in looking stupid and a great waste at taxpayers’ expense.

The message received from state leaders is loud and clear: “We don’t care about Idahoans’ health needs. We’d rather increase insurance companies’ profits.”

Call your legislative representative, voice your concerns.

Jill Humble, Boise