Letters to the Editor

Rich letter: Donald Trump

After a year of Trump, here’s what I see. He’s a racist, a sexual predator, and a serial liar. He’s a narcissist, makes fun of the disabled, and alienates our closest allies. He’s a lazy, childish name-caller, and he’s a danger to the future of civilization.

The profound irony is that he can’t make a deal, despite his endless bluster and posturing, because he isn’t that smart, refuses to study complex issues, and apparently has no actual skills, except to dupe the ignorant.

I also see that Idaho’s own Congressional delegation — Crapo, Risch, Labrador and Simpson — is complicit because they do nothing about this incompetent fraud in the White House. Their reputations are steadily going down the drain as a result. Trump’s approval at the end of his first year was 39 percent — the lowest in American history. That’s the good news. A large majority of Americans understand exactly what I’m saying. In next fall’s elections, Trump’s sycophants need to go.

Terry Rich, Boise