Letters to the Editor

Trino letter: Lesser of two evils

Regarding Jan. 23 letter “Trump voters”:

Chris Stokes is outraged at what a mess our current president is and doesn’t seem to think much is being accomplished. Well, he is entitled to his opinion regarding that issue but I don’t think he notices what is actually being accomplished in spite of the resistance from the other side.

That being said I agree President Trump has his faults, but the real reason that he is president is that the other choice in the ’16 election was even more odious. You have no idea how many people in both camps just didn’t vote because they couldn’t stand either one. I did try to make the point to so many people that not to vote was to give a vote to the side you hated the worst. It was a vote that didn’t have to be overcome by the other party. A choice of the lesser of two evils.

Unfortunately the American electorate is terribly stupid. Too many people vote for the wrong reasons.

This last one was kinda like being offered what method you would prefer if being sentenced to death. The outcome is gonna be the same. Bad.

Carolyn Trino, McCall