Letters to the Editor

Mathias letter: Lack of march coverage

Based on the Statesman news coverage, it seems as if the pro-life agenda is of no importance, and that it is not relevant in our unapologetic times. Although, purportedly, everyone’s opinion matters, the media platform to voice opinions has not been extended to proponents of life. Despite the fact that hundreds of pro-life advocates attended a peaceful march through the streets of downtown Boise, you would be hard pressed to see this represented in the media. This differs completely from treatment the “Women’s March” received: multiple write-ups emblazoned the fact that women were demanding respect, and standing up for what they believe in. Interestingly enough, those attending the Pro-Life March were also standing up for those rights, but on behalf of unborn babies — future women (and men) — who have no voice.

Truthfully, I dislike that this is a time where there has to be a March for Life; common sense should tell us that the defenseless unborn deserve to be protected. That we have to march to show our support for the delicate and helpless of society is nonsensical. I wait for the day when all lives are cared for, respected, and given the rights they inherently deserve.

Becca Mathias, Boise