Letters to the Editor

Abt letter: Pass a budget

The Republican Party had over 365 days to develop a budget and work to have it ready for a vote. Instead, the Republican Party, led by Mr. Trump, chose to delay, and focus on other “base” oriented work. On Jan. 20, after three stop-gap funding actions, the government of the United States found itself without appropriated funds and stopped normal operations. In business, the CFO would be sacked. In a Parliamentary System there would be a vote of “No Confidence” and the government would be dissolved. But in the Congress of the United States and in the White House, it is business as usual: Blame game, obfuscation, deflection … everything but a budget. The Republican Party is the majority, the Republican Party is responsible for what has happened, the Republican Party has failed. The Leadership of the Republican Party has had multiple opportunities to present a negotiated budget for the president’s signature, but because the Congressional Leadership was either afraid or intimidated by the current occupant of the Oval Office they chose not to act. This lack of foresight, planning, fortitude and will-power on the part of Congress discredits this great nation which deserves effective governance. Shame on Congress.

Frederic Abt, Boise