Letters to the Editor

Cavazos letter: Constituents

I have always been a Republican, but these days I don’t recognize my party anymore. The things I care about are being ignored while the rich get richer, the environment is trashed, and humanity is outranked by corporations. I’d like Senators Risch and Crapo to consider their choices, and think of the people who keep them in office.

I want a bill that gives citizenship to the dreamers, who have lived here most of their lives. These are productive young minds we can’t afford to lose. I want my 94-year-old mom to continue to receive the Social Security she paid for her whole life. She and millions of others also need Medicare. I want our citizens to have an affordable wage to live on. And we too need affordable health care.

Government’s job is not to legislate morals, but instead to provide the means for safe, healthy living. Meaning you don’t get to decide who gets health care, or what care they get. Just make sure that everyone gets health care. Please, senators, don’t enable Trump’s behavior that is unethical, immoral and embarrassing for the dignity of the U.S. Be the leaders you were voted into that office for.

Sally Cavazos, Boise