Letters to the Editor

Armstrong letter: Wildfire legislation

We were very pleased to see Sen. Mike Crapo and Rep. Mike Simpson mentioned in High Country News (Dec. 11, 2017, page 6). What caught our eye was they worked with their Democratic colleagues from Oregon to introduce the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act. The bipartisan approach is the logical way to get something on the scale of wildfires.

Another example of bipartisanship is the House Climate Solutions Caucus, now with 66 members, 33 of each party; that’s as many Republicans as are in the Freedom Caucus.

Global warming magnifies wildfires in several ways. Momentum is growing for introducing legislation that addresses climate change. The logical solution to problems caused by burning fossil fuels is to make fossil fuel prices accurately reflect the fuels’ costs to society. If a fee is placed on carbon producers, they will raise fuel prices. But if that money is returned to taxpayers, then they can spend that money defraying their higher fuel costs. Or not.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby has a carbon fee and dividend plan that is palatable to people who don’t want to grow government. CCL’s plan will grow the economy instead and cut emissions substantially in 25 years.

Diana Armstrong and Jose Auladell, Moscow