Letters to the Editor

Thienes letter: Budget

The old adage is, “Put your money where your mouth is.” It is high time Congress and the executive branches of the government did just that. I wrote all four members of the Idaho congressional delegation and asked them to do the following:

I said that they should donate their daily salary to the Federal Reserve until they pass a budget for the rest of this fiscal year. Not only them, but the president and all of the leaders of the Cabinet do likewise. When the government is running again, the money would be given to the Federal Reserve to pay down the national debt. I find it morally reprehensible that they should get a paycheck for not doing their job.

Secondly, every current member of Congress that voted for the Tax Reform bill should put 10 percent of their gross worth into a interest-bearing account with the Federal Reserve. If in 10 years, the tax bill provides the benefits to the middle and lower classes they touted, the money is refunded. The interest goes to pay down the debt. If it doesn’t meet their promises, then all of it goes toward the debt.

Kevin Thienes, Boise