Letters to the Editor

Stachowski letter: Grocery tax

The Idaho Legislature and Governor Otter need to listen to the concerns of the public. A recent BSU public survey found that 59 percent of Idahoans prefer a grocery tax exemption, while only 28 percent prefer a cut to income taxes. Why are the governor and legislative leadership still pushing for the least popular of the two? I’m in my late 20s, spend $200/month on groceries (which is even lower than the USDA’s low-cost plan averages), and therefore spend $144/year on grocery sales tax. This is $44 more than the grocery tax credit I claim. The people of Idaho deserve to have their voices heard, and I’m calling on the legislative leadership to give a grocery tax exemption bill a hearing. Let us come in and testify, instead of having legislators plan our tax system behind closed doors against the will of the public.

Eileen Stachowski, Boise