Letters to the Editor

Miller letter: North Korea

It is easy to understand Kim Jong-un’s fear of a confrontation because of our president’s inflammatory rhetoric, the repeated military maneuvers with South Korea and our flights over their air space. He feels that nuclear capabilities is his only/best defense. Any attempt on our part to take out his nuclear program either militarily or with nuclear weapons will cause disaster, with thousands of civilian causalities on both sides of the DMZ and potential nuclear holocaust with irreparable global environmental damage. I don’t believe he is the radical or dummy that we like to portray him and he knows well that if he starts any nuclear confrontation, it will be disaster for his country. We always need a bogeyman to defend our military budget.

In my opinion, we need to be better world neighbors rather than sticking our nose in other countries’ business and having scores of covert military interventions in many countries. We live with many countries that have nuclear weapons and I believe that if we stop our provocations and allow more dialogue between North and South Korea, we can learn to live with Kim Jong-un. Our military spending is outrageous while education and infrastructure repair suffers.

Rod Miller, Boise